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Hi there, this is Shahrzad!

If you've found me, the chances are you are feeling hurt, confused, and lost when it comes to men and relationships - that's exactly how I used to feel just a few years back.

About 4 years ago, I went through an experience that turned my life upside down. I was sitting in a hotel room with my heart shattered in pieces as my 3rd long term relationship had just come to an end with those dreaded words: 

"I can't do this anymore, sorry."

And he walked out the door...

Why was this happening to me again? Why was it that every man that came to my life would at first move mountains to be with me, but not long after, they'd withdraw, get distant, and ultimately tell me that they're just not ready for a more serious commitment?

It didn't make any sense, because I thought I had what it takes for a man to want to marry me.

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Shahrzad is a superstar coach - with an overflowing private practice, an in-demand schedule as teacher and speaker, and a huge following in her Facebook group and other social media.

This has happened for her so quickly because she's just extraordinary - and not just in her skills. Shahrzad is so brilliant, so knowing – and in a presence so sweet – you’ll hardly believe anyone can be there for you with all these qualities. And yet Shahrzad is all that. Her way of working, her deep rooted compassion and ability to truly hear you, and then zero in quickly on what will make the biggest difference for you in the shortest amount of time have built her following.

-  Rori Raye - World Class Relationship Expert, Crisis Counsellor, Actress, Author

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