From Invisible to Fully Adored


Hi there, this is Shahrzad!

If you've found me, the chances are you are feeling hurt, confused, and lost when it comes to men and relationships - that's exactly how I used to feel just a few years back.

About 4 years ago, I went through an experience that turned my life upside down. I was sitting in a hotel room with my heart shattered in pieces as my 3rd long term relationship had just come to an end with those dreaded words:  "I can't do this anymore, sorry." And he walked out the door...

Why was this happening to me again? Why was it that every man that came to my life would at first move mountains to be with me, but not long after, they'd withdraw, get distant, and ultimately tell me that they're just not ready for a more serious commitment?

It didn't make any sense, because I thought I had what it takes for a man to want to marry me.


It felt miraculous.

I started to feel like whole again. I became a woman today that you would not recognize 4 years ago.

I became a woman who didn't NEED a man, but wanted a good man, and there is a huge difference between the two.

When you’re not pining, when you’re not feeling broken, and defeated without love of a man, then that’s when your worthy soulmate shows up.

Today I'm happily married to a man who not only makes me feel fully adored, but he reminds me with his words and actions every single day how important it is for him to make me feel happy. 

And you know what’s interesting? We worked in the same office for 6 years before he asked me on a date. And it is no surprise he wasn’t attracted to me before I started to learn and embody the feminine fully adored energy. My vibe and my energy was not open to a high quality man. My lack of boundaries, my low self-esteem, and all the walls that I had built around my heart kept good men away from me.

But when I changed, I became a magnet to him.

I learned, it doesn't matter how pretty, educated, funny, or witty I am - none of that will get me the commitment that I wanted.

And above all, I learned how  having "the nice girl syndrome" was the EXACT thing that made the men in my life to become low-effort, and I was literally pushing them away with what I thought was my greatest quality!

The tools and the inner work that love coaching taught me truly turned my love life around.

I know the feeling of not being seen and heard. And I have created a free guide for you to break free of feeling invisible and become the center of his life



So why did I become a love and relationship coach? Everyone who knew me could see how my love life had changed. My friends, and even strangers kept coming to me for advice, which quickly turned their lives around.

And I also know how painful it is to feel so broken, lonely, and hopeless.

So I decided to become a certified love and relationship coach and help as many women as I possibly can to transform their love lives.

And I'm certain that I can help you too to have an amazing relationship that you so deserve.

I want to help you to change your life, as I did for myself. In less than a year, I attracted a man who is so amazing that I sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure that I'm not dreaming.

I want to teach you the exact same tools that helped me and so many other women to attract your soulmate, heal your relationship, and break the patterns that are keeping love away from you.

Head over to my offerings on My Programs and Mentorship and let's discover how can you receive the help that you need in order to feel fully adored.