How Can I Stop Thinking About Him?


Is obsessing over a man a permanent feeling in your life?

It looks like this. You can’t stop thinking about him. You always have one eye on your phone in hopes to see his name pop on your screen. You check to see when was the last time he was online. You Facebook stalk him. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, and you feel absolutely restless.

You’re not alone. I have been there. I’ve known 100s of women who have been there.

I remember having a special ring tone for one of the men that I used to obsess over and my heart would sink as soon as I heard it – it felt intoxicating.

It felt like my happiness depended on that sound – and I would go through emotional highs and lows multiple times a day.

When this happens, a woman feels completely under control emotionally and physically. She feels on top of the world when he gives her a slight sign of attention and feels devastated when he doesn’t.

I hope you are tired of feeling this way and want to put an end to it, because not only it’s very unhealthy for you, but it is also pushing him far far away.

When a man becomes the center of your attention, when your happiness depends on how much he loves you, gives you attention, and does for you, you feel absolutely powerless.

When you feel so powerless, he feels it in your energy (and your behavior naturally shows it too) and your value decreases in his eyes.

And no man feels attracted to a woman who he doesn’t value.

You’re giving him way more importance than he deserves.

This is what giving a man an undeserving amount of importance looks like:

  • You hold off on your weekend plans just in case he decides to ask you out (and how awful does it feel when he doesn’t, and you sit at home feeling sad and resentful)

  • You are staring at your phone and answer his texts in a matter of seconds

  • You watch your every word that you say to him because you’re afraid of saying something that he might not like.

  • He does something that makes you feel bad; and yet you find excuses for him, or even worse you blame yourself for doing something wrong that made him act that way.

All of the above needs to stop immediately!

You need to stop putting him before your family, friends, your health, and most importantly before yourself!

He desperately needs you to stop too – because he wants to feel attracted to you – but you’re simply not letting him!

How to put the focus back on you immediately (Do this right now):

  1. Notice when you are obsessing over him. Your tense body, feeling of anxiety, and scattered attention will clearly let you know when you’re in that zone.

  2. Touch the closest object that you find (it can even be the side of your shirt that you’re wearing).

  3. Truly feel every sensation that you feel beneath your fingertips. Is it soft? Rough? Does it tickle your fingertip? Keep on touching, feeling, and connecting with it.

And now you feel disconnected with the agitating and uncomfortable thoughts, and you’re connected to your body. Your focus is back on you. You’re also feeling centered, and this is the source of your power.

How does this tool help with feeling of obsession?

When you stop making him the source of your happiness, it’s such a relief which will shift your vibe from “needy” to “attractive”. And the man in your life will notice it 100% guaranteed.

He will see that you don’t lose your mind when you don’t get a good morning text from him.

He will notice that if he doesn’t book you in advance for the weekend, you will have plans of your own.

He will feel a weight lifted off his shoulders, because he no longer feels responsible that he needs to make you happy. He’ll just want to add to your happiness.

Use this tool and see how quick it is to completely turn around the energy and the attraction with any man. With a man that you just met or your husband of 20 years.

Let me know how this tool works for you (because I KNOW it will)!



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Shahrzad Shukra