How Do I Get My Ex Back?


One of the most painful experiences that a woman can go through in her life is a breakup.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely either going through it right now, or have experienced it in the past. And I so know how awful it feels.

It feels like you can never get over him. You feel broken and you’d do absolutely anything to have him back. Every bit of you wants to call, text, or accidentally run into him.

The thought of him moving on feels as if somebody is ripping out your heart.

You need him back. I get it. I’ve been there.

And I’m not here to lecture you that you should not be wanting your ex back; however, I’m here to ask you to do what I’m mapping out for you, and I promise you that if he’s the right man for you, he will come back.

How to Get Your Ex Back: 

1. Give him a chance to miss you

This is hard yet 200% needed! You being in his face with your begging, crying, texting, calling, showing up where he might be, is the guranteed way to make sure that he would never come back. Resist the urge to write him those heart-wrenching e-mails. Stop checking up on him. Do NOT agree to be his friend under any condition. Instead do the complete opposite. Disappear on him. Even if things ended badly between you two, by creating this distance you’re going to give him the space to feel your void in his life. He’s going to feel so confused and wonder if you have moved on already. What made you accept it all of a sudden? Attraction starts to build, as he no longer feels you pining after him.

2. Say hello to life again

It’s time to get out of your pyjamas and say hi to the world again. I know all you want to do is cry, and I’m not saying to push the pain aside. But I’m telling you that you are still able to live. Start by making a change in your appearance. Get a new haircut or dye your hair, get some nice outfits that you feel beautiful in, put on bright lipsticks, and start a new activity. Sign up for acting classes, go to the gym, go out with your girlfriends, if you don’t have much of a social life, look up the Meetup groups around you, and find something new to do. This will do WONDERS for your health and vibe. These changes will shift your pining energy to magnetizing energy and no matter how far away he is, he will definitely feel it too. And his attraction grows.

3. Get your online dating profile back up

You’re going to resist me so much on this one, and I don’t blame you. And I’m not asking you to do this to find another man and fall in love with him (although I can’t control it if that happens and you forget all about your ex and when he comes back you say “no thanks” because you’ve found someone 100 times more amazing) BUT I’m asking you to do this for two reasons. One, because when you start to get messages from other men, you are reminded how beautiful and desirable you are. And it’ll build up your confidence that you started to lose after the break up. And I don’t need to remind you that there is nothing more attractive than a confident woman. And number two, as you start to go on simple coffee dates, your ex is now the one who needs to compete with other men to get you back. The position that he WANTS to be in (even if he doesn’t know it). Your attention is lifted off of him and so you give him the space that he needs for his attraction towards you to maximize.

I promise you following these 3 steps will bring your ex back if he’s the right man for you.

And if he’s not the right man for you, is that who you truly want to be with? I didn’t think so.

If you need more help with your specific case I would love to help you in the complimentary 20 minute session that I offer.

I can’t wait to hear your success story when you implement these steps!



Shahrzad Shukra