Don’t Play Hard To Get – Be Easy To Lose


Have you been given the bad relationship advice that you need to “Play Hard to Get”? That he needs to think that you’re not that into him? And when he calls don’t pick up your phone; wait for half an hour and then call back pretending that you were out with your girlfriends partying (while you were really at home, staring at your phone and hoping for him to call?)

I remember getting this advice from my girlfriends all the time!

Even worse, I have read these tips online from some so called love experts!

And I would like to sincerely ask you (plead with you if I have to) to STOP doing that immediately!

Playing hard to get DOESN’T work!

And not only it doesn’t work – but it works so backwards as men can smell it from miles away!

You might be a great actress; but please know that your words and actions may be saying something else, but your energy and vibe never lies. And energy is everything!

And I’m not saying this to ask you to be available for his every call, his last minute dates, and chase him with your texts, calls, and Facebook Likes!

I’m asking you to instead of playing hard to get … to be easy to lose! 

And this is how:

  1. Have a Full Life: Have hobbies. Have a life outside of him. Have passions.  Have a full calendar with plans so when it’s Friday afternoon and he hasn’t asked you out yet (and you have no plans because you were hoping that he would), you don’t feel resentful and mad at him, mad at yourself, and mad at the world! Waiting for a man who doesn’t bother to book you in advance puts you in a very powerless and needy position. And when he comes back, no matter how hard you to try to play it cool, like I mentioned before, he will feel it in your vibe. And on the other hand, when he does call last minute and finds out that you really aren’t available to run to him the minute he decides to snap his fingers, he will feel and know that he needs to make more of an effort to spend more time with you.
  2. Circular Date: If you want a full commitment, don’t settle for a man who is only giving you crumbs. Don’t close down your other options for someone who asks you out when he’s bored and has nothing better to do. Don’t be exclusive with anyone, until a man shows up, sees how amazing you are, looks you in the eye, and says he doesn’t want to lose you. If you give many men chances to court you, take you out, and try to win you over, your vibe shifts. You can’t play hard to get anymore, you ARE hard to get, and easy to lose! Because when he isn’t making an effort, he will lose you! And no man likes to lose.
  3. Have a Light Vibe: When you follow the first 2 points, this will happen naturally. The thing is if you’re always waiting around, if he’s not giving you the love, affection, attention, and he’s the only man who you’re seeing, you can’t HELP but to have that heavy energy when you’re around each other. But when you have a full life, and multiple men pursuing you, you can’t help but not focus on him. You have no expectations form him, and when you’re around each there you just feel light, happy, and he will feel so drawn to you. He will also feel that you have no intention to grab on to him, so he knows that he has to or he’ll lose you.

Following these tips will boost your confidence. Having a high self-esteem, not settling for crumbs, and going after what your heart desires make you a high value woman. And guess what? A high value woman is a woman that no man can resist. Be easy to lose and he will do anything in his power to claim you and get rid of all his other competitions.




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Shahrzad Shukra