How Constant Texting Will Stop Him From Asking You Out

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Are you tired of men constantly texting you and never asking you out?

If you are online dating, and your mailbox gets flooded with messages from men who seem interested, yet they never take it to the next level of calling you or taking you out – you’re not alone – this is a common complaint that I hear daily.

As tiring as it may feel sometimes, I’d like to remind you of something:

Of course he wants to chat with you! You’re a pretty lady, and he likes having your attention all to himself! 

So in a way I’d like for you to take it as a compliment. But do you have to get stuck and entertain these men? Absolutely not!

There are many people out there (both men and women) who like to text back and forth because they are simply bored!

Also keep in mind that if you give away too much information by texting, you’re jeopardizing the chances of having an exciting first date. Keep him intrigued by being a bit mysterious so he would look forward to taking you out and getting to know you.

In order to quickly filter out the men who basically don’t want to do anything else other than texting, do the following.

After the first few exchange of messages, text this to him: “It feels great to hear from you; and what would feel even greater is to hear your voice.”

And if he’s a man who is actually interested in dating, he WILL step up and arrange to talk to you on the phone as soon as possible.

And if he doesn’t and keeps on texting you, I’d like for you to pick one of the following options:

  • Ignore him, he’s a low-effort man and is ignoring your needs right from the start. He’s not worth it.

Or if you’re the type of woman who doesn’t like to ignore people, give him one more chance by saying:

  • Hey, I’m starting to feel worried that I’m talking to a robot! I need assurance that you’re human *wink* I’d feel happy to continue this conversation over the phone or in person…”

And that is it! If he doesn’t call you or ask you out then, please don’t waste any more time or energy on him.

This man makes you stay fixated on him, he will not give you what you want, meanwhile there are many many amazing men out there who’d love to call you and take you out, but they are not even getting a chance because you’re too busy not noticing them.

Remember darling, a high quality man who is worth your gorgeous energy is one who would be happy to take you out, especially when he feels encouraged as he hears that you’d like that too.



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Shahrzad Shukra