Re-Experience His Love Even If He Has Been Drifting Away for Years


When I hear a woman say: “It’s been years since my husband last touched me” my heart breaks for her.

Not feeling loved and desired by her romantic partner quickly eats away from a woman’s self-esteem, making her feel desperate, insecure, unloved, and angry.

She most likely feels unattractive and starts finding faults with the way she looks.

Or she may choose to find comfort in the company of other men to meet her needs.

If you are in this situation and feeling stuck, or if you’re thinking about separating because you’ve just had enough – I totally hear you.

And yet I want you to take a moment to read this article and by applying what I am about to teach you, give your man a chance to come close and re-experience his love again.

Whether he has recently stopped coming near you, or it’s been going on for years, I know you can turn this around right away.

Before telling you what to do, I want to tell you what NOT to do and it is to:

Stop telling him how unhappy you are with how things are!

You’ve done it many times already, haven’t you? and if you’re reading this, it has OBVIOUSLY not worked.

And there is a good reason for it.

He knows you are unhappy.

He knows that he is not making you happy.

He already feels like a failure because of it, and he HATES feeling this way.

You may ask: then why instead of fixing it, he’s making things worse? Why doesn’t he take me out, kiss me, ask me about my day, touch me…etc?

And here is my answer: feeling like a failure DOES NOT inspire a man to step up and make you happy. It can only make him feel more down and depressed about it and so he simply gives up.

He now believes that he’s incapable of making you happy.He is seeing the proof day and night in the way you look at him, talk to him, and most importantly he can feel it in your vibe that you no longer believe that he can make you happy.

You also don’t believe that he can make you happy anymore – right?

I know you have every right to feel the way you do, because he has disappointed you time after time. But no amount of discussing it and reasoning with him WILL rekindle the love and romance back into your relationship.

It would only make him want to withdraw and drift away from you.

So make a point to yourself today to stop the “I’m not happy with this relationship” talk and stop giving into “blaming” thoughts too that would make him wrong. Because if you’re still yelling at him in your head, he can still feel it in your vibe.

Instead do what I’m asking you to do for the next 21 days to start turning your relationship around.

Essential Steps to Bring Him Close Again

  1. Lean back: Create some physical distance between the two of you and start leaning back from him in your mind too. It means to stop thinking about him when he’s not in front of you or talking to you. If you need a refresher on what leaning back is, click here.
  2. Receive him warmly: As you create some space between you two, he will feel a shift in the dynamics of the relationship. Remember that you’re not bringing up how bad things are right now, and you’re not thinking about them either. You’re on a venture to heal your relationship, and for that to start, you need to start looking at it differently. As he takes the smallest step towards you  for example he asks you how was your day? He takes out the trash so you wouldn’t have to. He asks you what do you want to watch on TV. Give him your brightest smile (the kind of smile that you used to give him when you first started to fall in love) and use a good feeling message to respond to him: “It feels wonderful to hear you ask me how my day was! I feel so cared for when you take out the trash so I wouldn’t have to! I feel so loved when you ask about what I like to watch”. Yes, I know this might sound so foreign to you, but this is going to make him feel SO inspired thinking that he’s doing SOMETHING right. He’s making you feel good. And this is exactly what he needs in order to feel like a worthy man again.
  3. Appreciate Him:When was the last time you said thank you to him when he did something for you, the kids, or something around the house? I know your immediate response is: He never says thank you to me and I do a million things for him and everyone else. Yes, I know. And perhaps you’ve been doing too much. If you haven’t already, make sure to download and read my “Stop Feeling Invisible and Be The Center of His Life” at the bottom of this post because I go into details of what overgiving does to a relationship and why you need to stop! So back to appreciating him, there’s nothing that can motivate a man more than feeling appreciated. You want him to do more of something that you like? Thank him for it. If he’s a good provider, tell him how much you appreciate his hard work to take care of the family. If he’s a good father, tell him you love that about him. If he makes a good cup of coffee, say” thank you, you’re the master of making coffee”. Let him feel good about himself and because he wants to hear more of it, he will do more of the things that you say thank you for.

If you do these 3 points for the next 21 days, I can guarantee that you will see a change in your relationship. These are the first steps that myself and my clients use to turn their dying relationships into ones that are filled with love, intimacy, laughter, and romance again!


Shahrzad Shukra