What is Leaning Back And Why You Need To Master it


You probably hear this from me ALL the time: You need to lean back – you need to lean way way back! 

Sometimes I forget that you may be new to this work and you may have not heard about this powerful Rori Raye tool that works like magic. And so I decided to write an article about it and help you understand it better.

So here we go!

What is Leaning Back? 

It is to have no agenda with a man. 

It is when you don’t try to make anything happen with him. 

It is when you don’t relentlessly look for ways to make him love you more, push for your relationship to move forward, or worry about what you need to do to keep him interested. 

Does this make you feel uncomfortable?

Does it make you feel worried if you stop trying he’s going to walk away?

That’s how most women I work with feel like (I used to be just like them too).

A women feels if she doesn’t text a man first, he’s going to think she is not interested. She feels worried he is going to look for an “easier” woman if she doesn’t make things convenient for him.

And this isn’t true. Just because we ladies fall for a man who is constantly paying attention to us, doing things to help us, and shows in many ways that he cares about us, it doesn’t mean that he falls in love the same way.

You as a woman, with your feminine energy, crave these things to be done for you. And he as a man, with his masculine energy, craves a woman who allows him to do all of these things for her.

And in a romantic relationship, the feminine and masculine energy NEED to be balanced in order for it to feel harmonious.

So if you’re the one who leaning forward, he has no choice but to be leaning back in order to balance the energy of the relationship.

And you don’t like that. He doesn’t like that either. And therefor, you both end up feeling unsatisfied in your relationship. How many times have you heard women say: “Nothing that I do is ever enough for him!” (I know I’ve said this exact sentence MULTIPLE times in the past).

It’s because he doesn’t want you to do any of that!

And that’s exactly why you need to learn how to lean way way back!!

Practice Leaning Back (Physically):

  • When you’re around a man, pay attention to your body. Is it moving towards him? If he’s sitting right across you, are you leaning into him and he’s looking at his phone or looking away from you. Are you frustrated and trying to get him to pay attention to you? Or are you leaning back in your chair, feeling peaceful, and he’s looking at you?
  • If you’re leaning forward and he’s distracted, how does that make you feel? If you’re leaning back and he is paying attention to you, how does that make you feel?
  • In either case, do the opposite. If you are leaning forward, lean back in your chair. And if you are leaning back, lean towards him. What is he doing now?
  • Watch him how without knowing, his body WILL automatically shift to balance the energy by leaning back as you lean forward, or come towards you as you lean back.

As you practice this physically, your next step is to pay attention how you energetically lean back and forward with respect to him. Whenever you work hard to make things happen in your relationship, or constantly think about a man, or try to get something from a man who isn’t offering it to you, you ARE leaning into him, and so he will move away from you to balance the energy.

Catch yourself and physically lean back to signal your body and mind into leaning back.

This is the quickest way to shift the flow of the energy in your relationship. It doesn’t matter at what stage of the relationship you are. You as a feminine energy woman feel wonderful when you’re receiving his energy, and him as a masculine man, falls in love with you when he is allowed to give his energy to you.



Shahrzad Shukra