What you need to do to stop operating from your masculine energy every day!


A lovely client of mine talked about how exhausted she is due to work and everything that she needs to do. She’s so tired of being in her masculine energy all the time, and she cries often because it’s all just too much.

And I want to share what I told her (and build on the answer) because I think all of you my loves can benefit from it.

So to those of you who are TIRED all the time – you are just sick of the never ending responsibilities, the never ending tasks, to those of you who are not receiving the help that you need, I want to say to you :

💫I hear you honey 💫

Being forced into masculine can feel really exhausting.

Having to hustle, do it all, and attend to everything on your to-do list can be so daunting – every single day.
And yet I have to remind you, no matter how hectic our work is, how busy we are, and how we think we don’t have time, WE HAVE TO MAKE TIME TO DO OUR SELF-CARE RITUALS and take care of ourselves FIRST.

If we don’t to that – if we don’t honor what our bodies and our souls need – then of course we’re going to feel exhausted, drained, and victimized.
We break apart easily – cry on the bathroom floor (remember the previous post?) – and giving up feels like the only option.

Right now I have 19 active private clients who almost every day want my attention.

I’m enrolled in a very intense academy program for my business development (you have no idea how many worksheets I have to turn-in on time every week, how many challenges I have to do, and how many hours long training videos I have to watch)

And I’ve got A LOT going on in my personal life.

And despite all of that – my ME time – which includes 1.5 hour (sometimes 2 hours if I have a very busy day coming up) my morning self-care ritual is NON-NEGOTIABLE.
No matter what – with ZERO excuses – when I wake up in the morning, I will NOT look at my phone to see how many emails and questions I have in my inbox and how many of my clients need my help.

Yes my dear ladies – that’s not happening!

I have no other choice but to take care of me first.

I have to read my book for half an hour (non-fiction, self-development/empowerment book), meditate, journal, every other day workout, have my healthy breakfast, and…
THEN I will get to the rest of the world, including to you my gorgeous clients.

Because if I don’t take care of me, I am going to be a very crummy coach, and none of you want that right?
If I don’t do my morning ritual I will feel disconnected from my intuition to help ANYBODY.

When I feel depleted of my own love, I’ll also be a cranky wife, a snappy friend, and I’ll be in a hustle mode, instead of being in my powerful feminine.

Let this be your every day mantra! Write it everywhere:

The way you treat yourself, is the way you show EVERYBODY how to treat you!


The minute you wake up, you have a choice to start your day by filling yourself up, or you choose to run on empty, and by the end of the day, you’ve got nothing left but tears and exhaustion.

So if you’re feeling exhausted my dear- if your life is one tiring day after another – if you are not getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, working out, meditating, journaling, reading empowering books EVERY DAY – then what do you expect to happen? Where do you expect to get the energy from?

Are you looking on the outside of you for receiving the miraculous help from somebody else while you’re not even giving it to yourself?

No coach, no MAN, no relationship, no book, no program, nothing can help you, if you don’t start helping yourself and establish your healthy nonnegotiable habits RIGHT NOW!
Not tomorrow, not next Monday, RIGHT NOW!


Lots of Love

Shahrzad Shukra