Why You Need To Change The Way You Look at Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s day – it’s a day to celebrate love”
I hate Valentine’s day – it’s another hallmark holiday”

I get it.

Depending on where you are at in your love journey, you feel differently about this day.

But if we are true to ourselves, my guess is that even if you’re riding on the “I hate V-day” train, you’re not going to throw a fit if someone gives you a beautiful rose or a heart-shaped chocolate, right?


I wholeheartedly understand why there could be resentment and I totally get the pressure.

But how about for a change if we look at tomorrow as a day of what-is?

If you’re single let go of the heaviness of what this day tends to bring.

The reminder that you’re still single.

The sadness of “oh all my friends have dates and I don’t”.

And if you are in a relationship, stop focusing on what isn’t happening and definitely don’t torture yourself with comparison.

Don’t measure love by how much money has been spent on this day.

Forget it!

No “my best friend’s man is taking her to a romantic charming inn and all I got was a card”.

And no “oh my diamond necklace is SO much better than the dinner date that most people get”.

Change this holiday to a day of celebrating love no matter what your relationship status is.

Focus on what’s important here.

Check your own energy. What are you adding to the collective?

Love or resentment?
Love or lack?
Love or self-pitty?

Choose love! Because what you send out, comes back to you multiplied.

Love being single and see the abundance of opportunities that you do have if you just open your heart to it.

Love being in a relationship and appreciate what your partner brings even if it’s a kiss.

Let it be as it is.

This day is not supposed to bring expectations or obligations.

It’s a day that is supposed to remind you that love is everywhere – embrace it.



Shahrzad Shukra