Your Enchanting Pep Talk Before Your Date


Get into the right mindset and anchor into your goddess feminine energy and be ready for your fabulous date


I remember my single days... those days that dating didn't feel fun for me. Dates felt like job interviews. They felt like work!  

So many thoughts were clouding my mind...

 What if he turns out to be another man who just wastes my time?

 What if he thinks I'm boring and uninteresting?

❈ What if he talks about something and I have no idea what he's talking about and he thinks I'm not smart enough?

What if he says something inappropriate like he did last time and makes me feel uncomfortable again?

The "what if..." questions were endless, and sometimes I really wanted to just throw in the towel and give up!


Dating Became a LOT Easier When I Learned About Feminine Energy BUT....


When I learned about how changing our thoughts and vibe could change our lives - my dating life changed for the better. I read every relationship article that was out there, bought books, audio and video programs, and of course they positively affected my romantic life, but...

When it came to actually to shifting my energy to feminine goddess energy, and implementing the tools when it was time for action, I still felt lost.

When I was getting ready for my dates, I would worry about forgetting all the tools and the teachings, and I couldn't possibly go through all the programs and the books before the date to make sure I remember...

They all felt so overwhelming and I thought how can I get all that information from my computer's hard-drive into my body and mind?


As you can imagine, it took me a VERY LONG time,.. date after date..., to go back to my books and programs and find out:

What is it that I'm doing wrong?

What is that I can improve on my dates?

What tools do I need to use that would finally get me those perfect amazing dates, with an amazing man that all these programs were promising?!!

And I finally did it!!!! 


I Created "Your Enchanting Pep Talk Before Your Date" MP3 Audio So You Don't Have to Go Through The Same Hassle As I Did


To make your life simpler, and your dates SO much more fabulous, I've created a 20 minute talk that you can listen to as you are getting ready for your date!

Listen to "Your Enchanting Pep Talk Before your date to:

❣ Start getting ready with  gentle and loving Self-care Steps. As you treat yourself with love and care you set the tone for the rest of your date.

❣ Connect to your Goddess Feminine Energy by listening and repeating powerful mantras. Words that shift and uplift your vibe and energy so you can feel like the amazing enchantress that you are while on your date. And he will feel it too

❣ The 7 Essential Dating Tools that you need to implement to stay anchored in your feminine energy throughout your date. As you repeatedly listen to these 7 tools, they become like second nature to you.

❣ 5 Extra Tips and Reminders that keep you feeling empowered and grounded during and after your date, so your light continues to radiate and attract him even after you are apart.


I've been with my amazing man for the last 4 years, and I still use the exact same routine and the tools that I'm making available for you.

The power of these words and tools NEVER stop working! 

Whether it's your first date, your 20th, or it's with your partner of 20 years, this pep talk is going to make you feel so confident and so ready that you start radiating on your date.

As you listen to it repeatedly before each date, the tools and teachings start to feel very natural to you.

You can't help but to feel like a total prize sitting in front of him, and he can't help but to feel magnetized towards you.

Enjoy Your Enchanting Pep Talk Before Your Date beautiful!