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It’s your turn to

once and for all stop feeling invisible in front of men.

It’s your time to

be the one who is chased after and pursued.

It’s your absolute right to

attract a high quality man who makes you feel cherished and desired.

It’s time for you to leave the toxic men and the time-wasters behind, and become so aligned with your
inner goddess who is meant to be adored, so that when a high quality man lays his eyes on you, he
 can’t help but  feel magnetically drawn to you.

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Los Angeles, USA


“I want to share my happiness with my amazing coach Shahrzad and to all the gorgeous ladies that are reading my note.

I have butterflies typing this and everytime I look at my left hand! My boyfriend (well now my fiancé) surprised me to a trip to Hawaii, and it wasn’t the only surprise!


Everything was exactly how I dreamed it would be. A proposal on the most beautiful beach and him telling me that I am his queen and he asked if I would forever be his queen! Shahrzad, I can’t thank you enough.

Your support and guidance has helped me to not only have the proposal that I’ve always dreamed of, but to have a man who adores me and loves me to pieces!


Imagine how fulfilling it would feel to finally have the relationship of your dreams.

Not too long ago I used to feel so confused when it came to men and relationships.

No matter how hard I tried to act confident and follow the feminine energy tools and teachings which kept assuring me I would have the relationship of my dreams, the commitment that I wanted kept slipping away.

I felt exhausted

as I watched other women attract men who wanted to commit to them so effortlessly, while I got years of dead-end and half-committed relationships.

It took me about three years to finally get why am was not getting the same results even though  I was following the same teachings as the other women! 

They embodied the Fully Adored Energy – while I only acted like I did.

That big revelation was

the start of a huge shift in my journey in love – and to be perfectly honest, it affected ALL areas of my life in the most empowering and positive way.

Not only did I attract my adoring husband, a man who is a mirror and a true testament of the  work that I’ve done on myself, but my turnaround was so profound that it was a no-brainer fome that

I had to help other women

who feel the same way as I used to – hopeless and exhausted – to become the queens of love.

I became a certified love and relationship coach, who helps motivated women who are committed to having the relationship of their dreams, to manifest exactly that.

As I look and feel grateful for my beautiful and harmonious marriage with my husband who finds a way to put a smile on my face every day, I have a deep belief that if I was able to create this, any woman can.

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If you resonate with any of the following I totally and wholeheartedly hear you, because I’ve been there:

  • Men fizzle out after great dates without giving you an explanation leaving you feeling confused, and sad.
  • The men that you’re really into disappear, but the ones that you feel no chemistry with are super into you.
  • Some of the men who you do like come on so strongly at the beginning, just to put on the brakes after a month of dating, and you feel frustrated because you’ve been doing everything by the book.
  • You’re still more attracted to the men who are play boys and keep you on your toes,even though you know a high quality man makes you feel secure.

It’s time to put an end to all of that and get you your forever man, and a blissfully romantic Relationship.


It’s about time for you to experience what it means to be a fully adored woman by a man who you also feel attracted to.

Who says you need to settle for boring and dull, because of the limiting belief that says having a passionate and earth shattering love life will end in a heartbreak?

Who says you can’t have a man who adores you and you equally love, appreciate, and respect?

If you’re single, and you have a true desire of attracting a man who profoundly loves you, wants to commit to you, and makes your heart sing, you’re meant to have all of that.


That’s right, we are never given a desire that we are not worthy of, or meant to receive.


And your only task is to open up the path so your happily ever after can find its way to you.

The program that I’ve designed for you will help you do exactly that.



New York City, USA

I couldn’t be more excited than to share all of the ways I have benefited from Shahrzad’s coaching.

I have been Shahrzad’s private client (along with participating in her group coaching program “Stop Feeling Invisible”) for 10 months.

I credit Shahrzad’s unique blend of gentle and firm guidance to becoming the magnetic Queen that I am today (I love saying that!), with a steady rotation of men to circular date, including a guy who has consistently been courting me for 10 months.

Shahrzad keeps me accountable to always reflect and learn from my triggers, and has taught me that triggers are never really about the guy, but rather the areas in my life that need healing. It’s real inner work, and Shahrzad makes me feel safe in the process. In every session I have a-ha moments and take away whatever I was most needing, whether centeredness, more confidence, or a shift in my vibe.

I feel so grateful to be Shahrzad’s client and to have her by my side in my journey


Imagine yourself in 4 months…


-        Never having to try hard again to feel loved and desired by an adoring high quality man

-        Having men’s attention and love flow effortlessly towards you.

-        Being crystal clear on exactly what you want in a relationship and manifesting it.

-        Feeling safe and secure in knowing that you’ll only be in a relationship that you know it’s headed towards the commitment that you have always craved.

-        Becoming masterful when it comes to managing your emotions and expressing your needs to a man as he would feel inspired to make your wishes come true.


Now take a look at the comprehensive program that I’ve created for you

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Month 1: Empower the Fully Adored Energy Within

Learn the very first step to allowing the desire within you to feel empowered by training your mind to think like a Fully Adored woman. Become a deliberate creator of your dream relationship. And discover how to truly embody the energy that is essential to attract your adoring man. Become fully aware of your old patterns that work against you and learn how to stop them before they cause damage.


Month 2: Magnetize His Attraction

Dive deep into creating the elements that high quality men need in order to feel attracted. Creating healthy boundaries letting go of men-pleasing-tendencies and learning the various reasons why you’ve been feeling stuck in yourover-giving phase for far too long, will set you up for becoming very attractive to a man who

feels overjoyed to give to you.Find right balance between creating attraction, without being strategic about it. As you put down the burden of needing to be liked by everybody, you’ll clear the way to be adored by your forever man.


Month 3 – Break down the roadblocks to love 

Release the very thing that has kept love away – the Fear of Intimacy. By breaking down the walls that you’ve built up in the past to protect yourself, the man that is meant to find his way into your heart and love you back wholeheartedly, will find you and keep you. Reintroduce trust back into your life – the thing that men may have broken in the past repeatedly. By creating trust on a solid and unwavering foundation within you, you’ll be able to trust your instincts fully in front of any men. We will also address what triggers are, and how we can manage and control them so they don’t run our lives and push good men away.


Month 4: Refreshing Truth about Men and their needs

Understand men once and for all. Learn why your past instincts about them were almost always incorrect when it came to showing a man we are interested or love them. Discover their core needs and what makes them fall in love and want to commit to a woman. Learn how to communicate with men is something that a woman who wants to be fully adored needs to master, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn. Become so good at expressing your wishes that your forever man will adore you for letting him know what you want. Discover how to bring up the things that you don’t like without him getting defensive or withdraw from you, and instead feel inspired to keep the things that make you unhappy away.

Become crystal clear on how to connect and relate to your forever man in every way.

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Starting September 2018 for 4 months, my From Single to Fully Adored Program, will help you get the results that I myself and my clients get ALL the time.


Each month you will get:

-        3 in-depth 2 hr  live lecture and Q & A calls with Shahrzad

-        Personal check-ins and feedback opportunity in your exclusive
Facebook Group between calls during office hours.

-        Worksheets to guide you in diving deep and accelerating your results

-        Assigned accountability partners to keep you motivated and on-track.

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Alisa Arvind

Success  Coach | White House Journalist | California, USA

Shahrzad is an absolutely amazing coach. I reached out to her after being drawn to her content and posts which resonated deeply with my soul.

During my very first session with Shahrzad she was able to get me to see the negative patterns in the kind of relationships i was drawing to me.

She gave me the necessary tools to finally break the toxicity and I feel excited and ready to take positive steps in my journey to being fully adored.

Thank you Shahrzad.

You are truly magic and your clients are truly blessed to have you.


Now here’s a bonus for those of you who

just don't want to wait

until September to start the work,

and receive my support.

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The summer bonus Orientation calls:

Getting Fully Ready to be Fully Adored:

-        Do a full detox of the pain of the past relationships to create room for new healthy love to come in. Learn how to free yourself from the aching past experiences which will result in energy shifts that attracts joyful experiences, and healthy men.

-        Discover how to become one with your desire to manifest the love and commitment of a high quality man.

-        Find out what are you MUST have behaviors and energy that a fully adored woman excudes. It’s only when those behavior become second nature to you that your adoring man shows up.


After going through this in-depth and advanced training, you will no longer need to feel jealous of other women who have the beautiful and harmonious families that you want, because you’ll be fully  ready.

But remember one thing,

the results come to those who are fully and 100% committed to making their desires come true, and are willing to be fully open to the teachings and the techniques.

Once you step into your Queen energy, without a shadow of a doubt, you will not have any man less than a King on your radar, and you will also become an attractive force to bring a king to you.


Your Investment:

Sign up right now to secure your spot so you get a head’s start with attending the Orientation calls.

2-Part Payment Plan Available: Initial deposit of $1050, plus a second payment of $1050

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Sonia Elhaj

Life Coach at Sonia Elhaj Coaching  | Dubai, UAE

Although I wasn’t new to feminine energy work and Rori Ray’s tools, it was with Shahrzad’s empathetic and peaceful energy as a coach and woman that I truly started to surrender and receive.

Despite having experienced lots of progress through circular dating and inner work, I became stuck in a 2 to 3-date pattern and had lots of male attention that quickly fizzled out... After interacting with Shahrzad only a few times, things completely turned around for me almost overnight and I had very masculine men consistently pursuing me.

One of them quickly claimed me as “his queen” and was so present for me during my most challenging life transition.

He has been giving me support on ALL levels and we are now in a serious committed relationship where my happiness is his ultimate goal! It is the first time in my life that I do not feel alone; thank you Shahrzad


Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the program start?

The 3 orientation calls start Mid-July. The program will officially start in September 2018.

How often and long are the calls?

We will meet 3 times a month, and the calls are scheduled for 2 hours each

What if I can’t attend the calls?

All calls are recorded and you will have access to them on the same day. You’ll also have the Facebook group to come and ask your questions.

Will I get individual attention?

This is a group coaching program and the beauty of this setting is that you will learn lots from all your sisters enrolled. If you’re not able to ask your question online, you’ll have the Facebook group to share your post, and I will be there to support you during the office hours.

Why should I choose group coaching over private coaching?

The investment is almost 70% more affordable than working with me privately, and you’ll be introduced to a more structured format that tackles the most important steps in your single to fully commitment journey. You’ll also learn so much by listening to other women asking questions that you didn’t know you had.

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So gorgeous, what is it going to be?

Are you ready to transform to be the Fully Adored Woman as you’re meant to be?

Are you available to attract the man of your dreams, using a system that is proven to work?

Do you truly feel it in your heart that having a beautiful and harmonious relationship is your true desire, and a non-negotiable?

Do you want a life-lasting system that helps you embody your queen energy and, as a result, have the love and commitment of a king?


If your answer is YES to all of that, then you’re ready to take the next action of being fully supported by me in your journey of becoming Fully Adored.