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Hi there, this is Shahrzad!

If you've found me, the chances are you are feeling hurt, confused, and lost when it comes to men and relationships - that's exactly how I used to feel just a few years back.

About 4 years ago, I went through an experience that turned my life upside down. I was sitting in a hotel room with my heart shattered in pieces as my 3rd long term relationship had just come to an end with those dreaded words: 

"I can't do this anymore, sorry."

And he walked out the door...

Why was this happening to me again? Why was it that every man that came to my life would at first move mountains to be with me, but not long after, they'd withdraw, get distant, and ultimately tell me that they're just not ready for a more serious commitment?

It didn't make any sense, because I thought I had what it takes for a man to want to marry me.



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Every woman deserves to be deeply loved and fully adored


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Before working with Shahrzad I had a pattern of attracting men who never valued me, made me feel loved, or truly desired me. All of that changed when my work with Shahrzad started. I listened to everything that she said, implemented the tools and teachings, started dating in a MUCH different way. And then came a man into my life who day in and day out makes me feel like the most beautiful and loved woman in the world. It took him ONLY 9 MONTHS to claim me and propose in the most romantic setting. I can’t begin to explain how different my life is now after working with Shahrzad.

Before working with Shahrzad, I could overcome my fears and everything that blocked me from attracting a healthy and loving man. I felt scared as hell to make an investment in working with her and let me to tell you how glad I am that I did. I am now in an amazing relationship with my soulmate. Working with Shahrzad was the best gift that I’ve ever given to myself.

I have grown so much in working with Shahrzad in many directions. She is veryyy multidimensional! The thing is that once you start the work you become a different person and there is no going back. I have become more confident( and I mean really confident) but also more welcoming to love. I have become more feminine and this has improved not only my romantic relationships but also my professional and family relations. I no longer have the need to compare myself to other women. I have been dating a gentleman for about 9 months now. He makes me feel very taken care of, loved in a tender way and very special. I respect and trust him a lot. He is a do-er and and a planner! And lucky to be dating me ;) But i have also been dating other men, at least one more at a time. None of them ever walked away without serving their purpose! I feel safe to share that i have claimed that within 12 months I am going to be proposed by my soulmate. I just feel ready to allow it happen.

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