7-week course to attract THE ONE!

Call in the man of your dreams, and create your everlasting relationship!

Get the Attract the One Journey Program with Women’s Feminine Empowerment and Relationship Coach Shahrzad Shukra who knows exactly how to take you from feeling invisible to becoming the queen of hearts with ease and FUN!

You are ready for him, … or at least you REALLY want to be!

You want that man who you can give your heart to, and you feel safe because you know he’s going to cherish it.

You want that man who you feel so attracted to from the depths of your heart, your body, and your soul.

You are ready for real love. Healthy love. Passionate love. Fun love.

You want that soul-level connection with THE ONE who you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with.


Now, how in the world are you going to take him out of your dreams and actually call him into your life?

Well you’re going to have to follow my guidelines and do some incredibly powerful ground work that’ll create the path for him to come into your life.

Just like I did.

Just like 100s of my clients did and continue to do every single day!

And you’re no different from us!

I’m SURE of it. Tell me if who I’m describing isn’t you!!!

Just like 100s of my clients did and continue to do every single day!

And you’re no different from us!

I’m SURE of it. Tell me if who I’m describing isn’t you!!!

  • You’re a woman who has a heart of gold.
  • You are kind.
  • You are honest.
  • You want to make sure that everyone around you is happy so you’re there for them as much as you possibly can. Even if that means you neglect yourself and your own needs sometimes.
  • You have big dreams. You work hard. And you achieve everything that you set your mind to… except when it comes to love!

Men and relationships feel like this overly complicated puzzle that no matter how hard you try to put the pieces together, they just don’t want to fit together!

And you’re getting sick and tired of this game.

You want to be happy for your friends that are getting engaged, married, showing their cute baby-bumps on Instagram, but deep down you feel a slight (or not so slight) resentment and an inner voice that says: “Why can’t I have that? When is it going to be my time?”

You’ve heard that you are worthy of incredibly passionate and meaningful love, but as of now, nothing has changed your reality.


Right now you’re either in a man’s desert, or the men who are interested in you are just ok… not at all heart-racing AMAZING!

You don’t get past the 2nd date.

Or maybe you are stuck in the girlfriend zone for YEARS, and your relationship feels mediocre but you don’t feel that hopeful that it can ever be THAT great and you could actually have a happy and fully committed relationship with him.

You feel confused by all the relationship rules, and you doubt yourself and your intuition.

You feel worried that you’ll pick the wrong man, and he’s going to break your heart or make you feel trapped.

Sometimes you just want to give up completely. But then you can’t ignore the whispers of your heart that is asking for that fulfilling love life.



Before working with Shahrzad I had a pattern of attracting men who never valued me, made me feel loved, or truly desired me. All of that changed when my work with Shahrzad started. I listened to everything that she said, implemented the tools and teachings, started dating in a MUCH different way. And then came a man into my life who day in and day out makes me feel like the most beautiful and loved woman in the world. It took him ONLY 9 MONTHS to claim me and propose in the most romantic setting. I can’t begin to explain how different my life is now after working with Shahrzad.

- Sima |artist| Germany

So did I get it right?

You are a woman who wants to be in a lasting relationship with her soulmate. You want to feel adored. You want to attract THE ONE!

But right now you just feel stuck; however, you’re willing to do what it takes to change all of that so you can have that incredible soulmate relationship!

And no matter how old you are, no matter what size you are, no matter what background you are, or how loaded your relationship baggage is, I am here to tell you that:


 This is why I’ve created


What are the changes you’re going to experience after taking this 7-week course?

  • Feel incredibly confident and desirable in front of men, and that confidence is going to boost your attraction level to incredible men.
  • Have the type of men that YOU feel attracted to pursue you.
  • Fears will melt away. No more nasty voices in your head that’ll say: You’re going to get hurt again. You’re going to pick the wrong man again. You’re going to lose your freedom. You’re going to be feel abandoned.
  • Mastering to flirt in a feminine and high value way that’ll make you STAND OUT and own his mind.
  • Experience the permanent change of having incredible men audition for YOU.
  • Know the exact elements that a man needs to have to devote the rest of his life to you.

 It's your time to shine:
Join and start truly attracting the man of your dreams!

 By going through this 7 week program you will receive:

7 in-depth Modules


During these in-depth training calls, I will guide you through clearing your love blocks, nourishing and owning your love mindset, boost your confidence, master high value flirting, fall in love with dating as you attract more of the men you want, have you stand out in his mind and heart, and have you become a man’s mind reader so you know exactly what he needs to commit and devote the rest of his life to you. (Value: $3,220)


You’ll also have workbooks and journaling prompts that is absolutely necessary important to be completed. This is where the knowledge that you’ve received becomes your wisdom. As you practice and apply the learnings, your energy and inner being shifts to the most attractive version of you. (Value: $700)


An amazing series of Affirmations, Meditations, and Hypnosis that will bust through your blocks and quicken your soulmate manifestation. (Value: $150)

Calls and Material are Yours forever: You don’t need to worry about losing any of the material after the 7 weeks is over. The program is yours to keep and refer back to whenever you need.



Although I wasn’t new to feminine energy work and Rori Ray’s tools, it was with Shahrzad’s empathetic and peaceful energy as a coach and woman that I truly started to surrender and receive. Despite having experienced lots of progress through circular dating and inner work, I became stuck in a 2 to 3-date pattern and had lots of male attention that quickly fizzled out...


After interacting with Shahrzad only a few times, things completely turned around for me almost overnight and I had very masculine men consistently pursuing me. One of them quickly claimed me as “his queen” and was so present for me during my most challenging life transition.


He has been giving me support on ALL levels and we are now in a serious committed relationship where my happiness is his ultimate goal! It is the first time in my life that I do not feel alone; thank you Shahrzad

- Sonia Elhaj | Life Coach at Sonia Elhaj Coaching | Dubai, UAE

And How Much Are You Investing Today For Attract The One Journey?

You’re not going to pay thousands of dollars that my private clients pay or how much it is actually valued at. You’re going to only invest a fraction of that. You can enroll and receive all of this for only $297 USD, or choose the payment option of 3 monthly payments of $111!

 It's your time to shine:
Join and start truly attracting the man of your dreams!

 As I said before, I truly believe that every woman is meant to have a magnificent relationship with her one and only, but I know how doubts and worries can feel paralyzing. That’s why I’ve created this low-cost but powerful program for you, so there is one less thing that you need to worry about: money!

When you invest this negligible money in your happiness (which is less than price of a couple of dinners and drinks), you’ll get the impact and the results that hundreds of women who have worked with me do, and your life will be forever changed


Attract The One Journey is designed to help you by giving you the tips and transformational tools that Attract YOUR One to you!

Attract The One Journey is for you if:

  • You want to attract the love of your life and have an everlasting relationship with him.
  • You want to do the ground work that will last, and not quick/gimmicky fixes that won’t last.
  • You are so done with doing what doesn’t work and getting your heart broken over and over.
  • You’re committed to make the changes and apply what you learn so you can attract the one.
  • You want to unleash the most powerful, attractive, and evolved version of you and attract your man who mirrors all of that back to you.

Attract The One Journey is NOT for you if: (so please don’t enroll)

  • You’re set in your own ways and you’re not willing to adopt the tools that’ll change your outcomes.
  • You highly believe that love means drama, pain, heartbreaks, and you’re not interested in a harmonious, healthy, and loving relationships.
  • You LOVE being single and you take pride on how you don’t EVER need a man!
  • You want to fix a bad boy/toxic man/abusive man and make him love you.

So beautiful it’s up to you now!

Your chance opportunity is right in front of you. You can choose to say yes to this journey and start the work that is going to bring you THE ONE!

He is there, and he is waiting for you to become available to him, and you can only do that by learning the tools that would make them happen. And that’s exactly what Attract The One Journey is going to give you.


A proposal on the most beautiful beach and him telling me that I am his queen and he asked if I would forever be his queen!

I want to share my happiness with my amazing coach Shahrzad and to all the gorgeous ladies that are reading my note.


I have butterflies typing this and everytime I look at my left hand!


My boyfriend (well now my fiancé) surprised me to a trip to Hawaii, and it wasn’t the only surprise!




Everything was exactly how I dreamed it would be.


A proposal on the most beautiful beach and him telling me that I am his queen and he asked if I would forever be his queen!


Shahrzad, I can’t thank you enough.


Your support and guidance has helped me to not only have the proposal that I’ve always dreamed of, but to have a man who adores me and loves me to pieces!

- Rihanna, Los Angeles, USA

 It's your time to shine:
Join and start truly attracting the man of your dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Explain to me, what is Attract The One Journey?

It’s a 7 week self study program that’ll give you training calls, Workbooks, Meditations, and lifetime access to the material that is going to help you attract the love of your life and have him commit to you.

What happens when I enroll?

You’ll feel a boost of energy because that’s what happens when you listen to your intuition and you know you’re on the right track of receiving what you want. You’ll also get a welcome email giving you the details of the program.

What if I’ve never been in a long term relationship before?

That’s TOTALLY fine. Have you seen the testimonial from my client Sima? Until the age of 37 she had never been in a serious relationship, and after doing this work, she immediately attracted her soulmate and got engaged within 9 months. So I’ve got you girl!

What if I’m in a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship and I want a deeper commitment? Should I still do this program?

100% Yes. What I teach you in Attract The Journey will boost up your attraction and he’s going to feel the shift in you, and the more attractive you become to him, the faster he’s going to want to put a ring on it!

Will there be refund?

Nope! You’re either in or you’re out, and I say that with love. If you want to get commitment, you need to honor YOUR commitments (remember, we attract who we are, not what we want). So don’t even let this doubtful concern to be a question in your mind. You are investing in your everlasting relationship – You can’t put a price on that or return it!

Still got questions?

Contact us at ANY TIME and send us your questions: questions@fullyadored.com


Shahrzad is a superstar coach - with an overflowing private practice, an in-demand schedule as teacher and speaker, and a huge following in her Facebook group and other social media.

This has happened for her so quickly because she's just extraordinary - and not just in her skills. Shahrzad is so brilliant, so knowing – and in a presence so sweet – you’ll hardly believe anyone can be there for you with all these qualities. And yet Shahrzad is all that. Her way of working, her deep rooted compassion and ability to truly hear you, and then zero in quickly on what will make the biggest difference for you in the shortest amount of time have built her following.


- Rori Raye | World Class Relationship Expert| Crisis Counsellor| Author

Attract The One Journey

  • 7 weekly in-depth training calls (Value: $3,220)
  • Workbooks and journaling prompts throughout the program (Value: $700)
  • Affirmations, Meditations, and Hypnosis audios (Value: $150)


Your Price:
Only $297 USD

(or 3 monthly payments of $111 USD)

About Me


Not too long ago I used to feel so confused when it came to men and relationships.

No matter how hard I tried to act confident and follow the feminine energy tools and teachings which kept assuring me I would have the relationship of my dreams, the commitment that I wanted kept slipping away.

as I watched other women attract men who wanted to commit to them so effortlessly, while I got years of dead-end and half-committed relationships.

It took me about three years to finally get why am was not getting the same results even though I was following the same teachings as the other women!

They embodied the Fully Adored Energy – while I only acted like I did.

the start of a huge shift in my journey in love – and to be perfectly honest, it affected ALL areas of my life in the most empowering and positive way.

Not only did I attract my adoring husband, a man who is a mirror and a true testament of the work that I’ve done on myself, but my turnaround was so profound that it was a no-brainer fome that

who feel the same way as I used to – hopeless and exhausted – to become the queens of love.

I became a certified love and relationship coach, who helps motivated women who are committed to having the relationship of their dreams, to manifest exactly that.

As I look and feel grateful for my beautiful and harmonious marriage with my husband who finds a way to put a smile on my face every day, I have a deep belief that if I was able to create this, any woman can.

 It's your time to shine:
Join and start truly attracting the man of your dreams!