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Private Love Coaching With Shahrzad

Become THAT woman who men fight over for to be with! 

90 Days Laser Focused One-on-One Coaching To Create The Blissful Soulmate Love Life

Are you ready to give yourself the permission to finally have the type of love, romance, and the treatment that your soul desires?

Because that’s really all that it comes down to – giving yourself the PERMISSION to create your next level love life.

If you’re a woman who has had enough of the less than mediocre relationships, and wants to start living her truth and manifest the kind of relatinship that makes her heart sing, I am here to guide you to make  it all happen for you!

What has helped me to create my soulful relationship is my sheer determination.

When it comes to manifesting, I’m beyond words determined and it’s with that kind of energy and focus that I can create anything that I want effortlessly and quickly.

And I can teach you to do the same!

Whether it’s to heal your love-less relationship and make it passionate again, or bringing in a high quality man who adores you – we can make it all happen.

There’s absolutely nothing as powerful as private coaching.

When you want massive changes in your life, you need to be massively supported and take massive actions. And the guidance has to be personalized to what you need and what your heart is longing for.


I feel so incredibly blessed to have created my dream relationship. There is so much that I’ve learned through my incredible journey and what makes me feel even more joyful is that I can show you exactly what I’ve learned so you can too live the life of your dreams.

Dare to say that I want a man who treats me like the queen that I am – And dare to take the first step to manifest it.

Every woman deserves to be adored, cherished, and valued and it’s my mission to help you in 90 days of working together to own your power, and manifest exactly the type of relationship with the man of your dreams.


  • 12 weekly 1-hour Skype sessions

  • Direct access to Shahrzad by email and text messaging

  • Full access to 1 of Shahrzad’s Digital Courses (Value $497)


Katrina, Dubai

I knew I needed to take action to help heal a deeper set of pain that was keeping me stuck! And let me tell you it was the BEST decision to receive private coaching from Shahrzad. Within ONE session it already shifted my vibe and head space. It definitely helped me to release deep emotional subconscious pieces of my past during each session.

Shahrzad helped me articulate all sorts of emotions, feelings, and situations that I couldn’t figure out for myself. Having Shahrzad’s support has CHANGED my life! I feel so much more certain about myself confidence. I feel like the ULTIMATE GODDESS! In my last session I broke down in tears of gratitude because she is THAT insightful with helping women (who are willing to do the inner work) and heal the source of their pain.

Shahrzad has been my biggest cheerleader and friend when it comes to doing the HARD inner work! I can see how I have come FULL CIRCLE in just 4 sessions with her! You certainly won’t even think of the cost once you see how miraculous and life changing this work can be in just a few sessions!

I am forever grateful to you Shahrzad!!!


Linh, Vietnam

Being coached by Shahrzad is one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had, the transformation comes so profoundly that’s beyond my expectation. She is truly a gift, beautifully feminine, so sweet that simply melts my heart. Yet her knowledge and understanding is even more amazing, she has helped to rescue me in a very unnecessarily potential heartbreak which I’m truly grateful for. Last but not least, it’s the kindness from her heart caring for others. I always get her respond within a day – I feel that she’s an angel who is always there and smiling. Cannot thank you enough Shahrzad


Is your heart longing for soul-fulfilling, passionate, romantic, and lasting relationship?

Mine was! For so many years I wanted to have a healthy relationship filled with affection with a man that I could fully trust with all my heart.

Year after year, my dream felt a little farther away from my reach. Until EVERYTHING changed. Read my story and you’ll see how I was  exactly like my every class clients.

I created my blissful relationship with my husband man, and I know from the bottom of my heart that you can too!

When you start coaching with me, my soft approaches will start to help you to open your heart. At first you get a few glimpses of how it feels like to be in your goddess feminine energy, and as you feel how amazing it is to be your beautiful, authentic, gorgeous self, you won’t want to go back to your old days. The old days of feeling miserable, waiting around, and getting your heart broken by a man.

You’ll see how amazing it feels to create an emotional connection with a man , a love that is always growing, and a relationship that feels so safe and secure beyond your imagination.

You’ll drop your old ways, and transform to the best version of yourself, and as a result, you become a love magnet. You start to effortlessly make your man, or any man, to feel attracted and drawn towards you. The love, intimacy, attention, and affection that you’ve always wanted will be yours to have as we work together, and unleash the goddess in you.

During my private coaching sessions, what I’ll show you is very different from what you’ve been doing so far and everything that you’ve learned in the past.

From the very first session with me, you will start to see a shift and changes in your love life.

You’ll soon have the clarity why things haven’t worked out so far, and I will start to give you  new sets of tools that will start to make an impact in your dating life or enhance your relationship.

During our time together you will:

❣ Become crystal clear on your heart’s desire and come up with a plan to attract your dream man’s love and devotion.

❣ Discover your love barriers – what has been holding your dream man away from you up to this day.

❣ Discover and break your old patterns which are keeping you in a loop that haven’t allowed you to move forward and have a fulfilling relationship.

❣ Discover what habitual addictions you have and implement a 7 step life changing system to put an end to it.

❣ Reconnect you with your divine feminine power that will unleash the irresistible enchantress in you.

❣ And finally have you Come out of hiding, Stop feeling invisible and be the Center of His life

I can’t wait to hear the exciting news of you grabbing this package, and start working with you! It’ll be the most amazing journey ever.



P.S. All sessions are conducted via Skype, Phone, or email. Please contact me if you have any questions!


Take the first step to create the soulful soulmate relationship with Shahrzad’s mentorship

Payment in Full $5500 USD

Payment Plan Deposit of $3200 and 2 Monthly Payments of $1650 USD