Love Notes


 I feel blessed to receive so many warm and loving words from my gorgeous clients who make breakthroughs after breakthroughs after working with me. Their once non-existance self-esteem increases so much that they will no longer accept anything other than extraordinary treatment from men! They heal their relationship with themselves, have men dotting on them, and they transform their existing relationships from disastrous to marvellous!


Mari, New York

I couldn’t be more excited than to share all of the ways I have benefited from Shahrzad’s coaching. I have been Shahrzad’s private client (along with participating in her group coaching program “Stop Feeling Invisible”) for 10 months. I credit Shahrzad’s unique blend of gentle and firm guidance to becoming the magnetic Queen that I am today (I love saying that!), with a steady rotation of men to circular date, including a guy who has consistently been courting me for 10 months. Shahrzad keeps me accountable to always reflect and learn from my triggers, and has taught me that triggers are never really about the guy, but rather the areas in my life that need healing. It’s real inner work, and Shahrzad makes me feel safe in the process. In every session I have a-ha moments and take away whatever I was most needing, whether centeredness, more confidence, or a shift in my vibe. Through her coaching, I am ever-expanding my capacity to love (most importantly self-love) and to be loved. As much as I started off wanting to be perfect, through Shahrzad’s help I am now seeing that my imperfections are the very things that deserve my love, and men respond with affection and appreciation when I am the most authentic version of myself.

I feel so grateful to be Shahrzad’s client and to have her by my side in my journey!

When my once amazing relationship went to the ditch (he was withdrawing and I was feeling a lot of anxiety and fear) I decided to invest and do one-on-one coaching. And after only 2 sessions with Shahrzad, my relationship changed 180! There is no more distance between us and it's now a warm and lovely relationship. The crisis is now over  and my man is reaching out to me...(Watch Ag as she describes her journey and personal experience after 1-on-1 coaching)

Agnieszka, Sweden


I knew I needed to take action to help heal a deeper set of pain that was keeping me stuck! And let me tell you it was the BEST decision to receive private coaching from Shahrzad. Within ONE session it already shifted my vibe and head space. It definitely helped me to release deep emotional subconscious pieces of my past during each session.

Shahrzad helped me articulate all sorts of emotions, feelings, and situations that I couldn't figure out for myself. Having Shahrzad's support has CHANGED my life! I feel so much more certain about myself confidence. I feel like the ULTIMATE GODDESS! In my last session I broke down in tears of gratitude because she is THAT insightful with helping women (who are willing to do the inner work) and heal the source of their pain.

Shahrzad has been my biggest cheerleader and friend when it comes to doing the HARD inner work! I can see how I have come FULL CIRCLE in just 4 sessions with her! You certainly won't even think of the cost once you see how miraculous and life changing this work can be in just a few sessions!

I am forever grateful to you Shahrzad!!!

Katrina, Dubai

Being coached by Shahrzad is one of the best experiences that I've ever had, the transformation comes so profoundly that's beyond my expectation. She is truly a gift, beautifully feminine, so sweet that simply melts my heart. Yet her knowledge and understanding is even more amazing, she has helped to rescue me in a very unnecessarily potential heartbreak which I'm truly grateful for. Last but not least, it's the kindness from her heart caring for others. I always get her respond within a day - I feel that she's an angel who is always there and smiling. Cannot thank you enough Shahrzad

Linh, Vietnam



It's been less than 2 months since I started my work with Shahrzad. I must say, after a year and half I finally started to feel my marriage for the first time. It became so easy for me to lean back in my relationship and just receive from him. I became open and I could retouch my feminine energy and my true self which was forgotten very long ago.

I was able to heal my energy blocks which were so deeply rooted. Happiness, trust, laughs, trips, joy, awareness, self love just splashed into my life like a package.

My man's energy started to come to me over and over. This is all because of this kindhearted and loving woman. Best part of her work is, she doesn't teach you strategies. She aims on transforming you and to touch your deeper self. Her coaching isn't momentary.

The knowledge she provides is something that can never be taken away from you. Her words will work like spell. Her patience, sweet voice and kind words will drive you to practice the tools with discipline. I am looking so much forward to learn more.

Shahrzad- You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You will be my pretty pretty coach forever. Thank you for your time, effort and love. No doubt that every woman coming through your way shall make their desires come true. Tons and tons of gratitude to you ! Loads of love  ❤

Priya, California

I want to share my happiness with my amazing coach Shahrzad and to all the gorgeous ladies that are reading my note. I have butterflies typing this and everytime I look at my left hand! My boyfriend surprised me to a trip to Hawaii, and it wasn’t the only surprise! He PROPOSED! Everything was exactly how I dreamed it would be. A proposal on the most beautiful beach and him telling me that I am his queen and he asked if I would forever be his queen! Shahrzad, I can’t thank you enough. Your support and guidance has helped me to not only have the proposal that I’ve always dreamed of, but to have a man who adores me and loves me to pieces

Rihanna, Los Angeles


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