If I had to choose one thing between all the tools and techniques that I mastered to attract and create the love life that I've always wanted, it would be the art of scripting! 

It literally changed my life!

What if you you knew exactly what words to use with a man, in any scenario, and make him feel drawn to you? 

❈ Do you feel sick and tired of never being able to express how you really feel to a man?

❈ Do you always walk on eggshells telling him nothing is wrong?

❈ Do you let things boil inside of you until you are burning with rage and you just can't help but to explode on him?


How often do you receive a message from a man and it leaves you feeling confused not knowing what to say next?


❈ He asks you for the last minute date...

❈ He sends you an emoji after 1 week of not hearing anything from him.

❈ He keeps texting you, but he never asks you out...

❈ He forwards you a video that feels offensive to you...

❈ He asks for a "sexy" picture...

❈ He asks you to be his girlfriend...

❈ He tells you that he wants to see other people...

❈ He sends a "Hi..."  months after your breakup...

And the list goes on...


He Withdraws or Attacks When You...


If you're anything like how I used to be, you've been through most of these scenarios and you've tried everything.

You've tried telling the man exactly what was on your mind, only to make him withdraw, get angry, or simply have an open-ended conversation that doesn't go anywhere.

Or you've done what I did for 15 years which is to stuff down your feelings and not say how bad you feel in fear of upsetting him, and at the end you become filled with resentment feeling unfulfilled.

I know how hard it is to feel so stuck - Should you hint around how you feel in hopes that he'll finally get it?

I've done it SO many times, walked on eggshells and sugarcoated my words. It always had the SAME results:

He still wouldn't get it, and I was left disappointed

And then my disappointment would transform to anger.

The thing is when you've had enough of shoving down all your feelings (which don't go anywhere - they just get bigger and scarier) you start to bombard him with words that will feel like attack to him.

You can't help but to make him wrong, blame him, and criticize how insensitive he is to your feelings.

And what happens when we attack someone? They get defensive and they attack back!

So neither you walking on eggshells and neglecting nor angrily exploding on him will make him hear you or resolve anything.

They'll only push him away from you.

I know how awful it is when you feel like you can't win, feeling tongue-tied not knowing what to say or what to do next.


How Magnetic Scripts Mesmerize Him


A Magnetic Script is a tool for expressing and communicating your feelings and desires to a man in a way that he can hear, understand, feel connected to you, and more importantly feel inspired to make you happy.


It works like a golden magical bridge from your heart to his!

When you communicate to a man using my methodology of Magnetic Scripts, something in you starts to shift. You start to have a deeper connection with your own feelings, and as the words are said, you feel more empowered, secure, and at peace.

What Magnetic Scripts are NOT:

✖ Sugarcoating - they are not used to tiptoe on eggshells and saying words that you think he want to hear.

✖ Attacking - they are not used to head-butt with him and win the argument.

✖ Manipulating - they are not used to MAKE him listen to you.

✖ Inauthentic - they are never false and untrue.

You feel strong on the inside and you don't have a need to build your defences and protect yourself on the outside.

Up to now you've been worried that your bad feelings such as anger and jealousy would create fights and discomfort - that they would rock the boat - yet when you use the Magnetic Scripts, you can use those exact yucky feelings to create more closeness and intimacy in your love life!


 Magnetic Script


Knowing what to say to a man and when to say it was one of the most challenging things that I had to learn! 

There are just so many different situations that we face daily. 

When he is making us happy and we want to tell him so

When we want him to do something more of

✩ When we want him to offer his help to us

When he's unintentionally doing things that hurt us

When the relationship feels like it's going nowhere

When he's crossing our boundary

When he's acting clueless and we are left feeling unloved

When he's looking at other women and we feel our hearts getting pinched

When we feel afraid and need his support



I must say that this is an incredible opportunity at such amazing price. The support is priceless and the breakthroughs plus the practice are the best way to learn and master this work. You can't find this anywhere else! And I am the kind of person that looks for the best stuff regarding relationships and self-work. Shahrzad is an amazing coach and she has on mind the best teaching methods to help you succeed. I have no doubt that this community will grow fast because of the quality of person she is and the quality of her work. We are learning so much and the program doesn't even start yet. Don't miss this



Magnetic Scripts for the Dating Queen


You're dating and online dating, and you get overwhelming number of messages every day!

You want to filter the ones who are worth your time, from the ones that are time-wasters.

There is one or a few men that seem to have great potential and you really like them. You don't want to say the wrong things, and you don't want to push him away by sounding too over-invested.

The early stages of creating a relationship can feel very nerve-wracking.

In my Magnetic Scripts for the Dating Enchantress, you'll learn how to handle situations like:

✎ You had a great date and he says he calls you tomorrow, and he doesn't.

✎ He's asked to see you next week, but it's the day of the date and you haven't heard from him.

✎ He tells you he likes you and keeps texting you, but doesn't call or ask you out.

✎ He doesn't offer to pay the bill after the date or pick you up.

✎ He looks at other women while on a date with you, or talks about his ex.

✎ He says he doesn't believe in marriage

✎ He has withdrawn after having sex and you haven't heard from him for days.

✎ He's been dating you for months, and there is still no talk of exclusivity or marriage.


Magnetic Scripts for the Queen in a Relationship


You've tried every trick in the book to talk to your man hoping that for once he would understand how you feel.

But nothing seems to work. It feels hopeless and you feel like giving up. Don't just yet! In my Magnetic Love Scripts for the Enchantress in a Relationship you'll learn to speak to him in a way that he will finally get it. Here are some examples:

✎ You feel that you're taken for granted

✎ You want him to be more romantic

✎ You want him to be more attentive and caring

✎ You want him to make you feel special again

✎ You want more quality time and physical intimacy

✎ You want him to say "I love you" more

✎ You want him to cherish you and make you feel adored

✎ You want him to move the relationship to the next level (move-in, propose, get married)

✎ You want him to listen to what's bothering you

✎ You want to have difficult conversations around money

What You Will Get

ღ Access to 6 recorded coaching calls ღ

ღ Worksheets - To compliment the lessons, the worksheets help you to  become a masterful Magnetic Script writer yourself!

ღ Magnetic Scripts Program Manual - a comprehensive manual and guide that provides you with teachings of the program and numerous scripting examples that will eliminate the confusion of what to say to him in every situation once and for all.