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Let Today Be The Start Of a New Life When You Never Feel Invisible Again!

Do You Want to Learn: 

♥ How to identify what has been keeping you invisible subconsciously for majority of you life

♥ How to uncover your true self and attract high quality men - or feel loved and noticed by the man in your life.  

♥ How to use affirmations in a way that they actually get planted into your subconscious and work. 

♥ How to stop splitting yourself into lovable and unlovable and create a true sense of harmony on the inside.  


♥ How to truly love your flaws that you desperately want to cover and use them to make him feel drawn to you.  

♥ How to identify and stop your subconsciously sabotaging patterns that push love away.  

♥ How to use every situation you face with men to heal yourself and become more magnetic to him.  

♥ How to switch your perspective of whatever happened to in you the past, and finally understand why things happened the way they did. 

♥ How to free yourself from the stories that you've been teling yourself for years and align yourself with your true desires. 

♥ How to finally allow yourself to fully love and accept yourself - your true self - so he can wholeheartedly fall in love and stay in love with you.


Does That Sound Like Something You Like To Learn? 

If your answer is YES YES YES! Then you are going to love what I'm offering you today! 

If you want to be walked through everything that has been keeping you in hiding for years... 

Uncover the very things that have kept you disconnected with your truth... 

Stop the behaviors, and learn to manage your triggers that are running you and keeping love away from you... 

And stop trying so hard to become visible and just naturally BE VISIBLE

Then you'll love my digital course: 

Stop Feeling Invisible & Be The Center of His Life  

What Does it Really Take To Stop Feeling Invisible? 

It's about Personal Mastery

It's about digging deep, and face your inner critical narrative, and stop the false story telling

It's about learning how to actually access all your feelings, and fully accept and love every bit of you unconditionally

It's about knowing exactly what's been keeping you invisible and stop giving into the habitual tendencis

It's all about Stop Feeling Invisible so you can effortlessly Be The Center of His Life 


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What My Clients Say About This Program

Macy: When I joined this class I had no idea how far or how deep this programme would take me. I was feeling worried that it would be about learning follow a script and pretend certain things so I could achieve my goal. I also didn't really think I was invisible and I was lying to myself, I had been invisible for so long I couldn't remember what it was like to drop my masks and be truly authentic for myself I felt so afraid I pushed it all away. Stop feeling invisble turned out to be an incredible journey of self discovery for me, I have recognised and released limiting beliefs about myself and others, I have learnt to lean into uncomfortable feelings and let them tell me what I need to know and I have learnt to trust myself and my intuition. At the end of four weeks I have discovered and strengthened my belief in self and found my self love, and i have confidence in my ability to express my needs and wants in a way that makes me feel heard and loved. Shadrzad is an incredible coach, her passion and ability to meet each group member where they are at, guiding them forward with love, respect whilst honouring their needs was a joy to witness. I found myself completely engaged as each person was individually coached, every moment held a lesson to takeaway and unpack.

May: I feel this program helped me to be aware what are those destructive voices in my head; how I was programmed by my culture and my parents in my social life and dating life. Often times, I felt I was invisible at public when I was alone or when I am standing next to a handsome guy. I am reasonably good looking; I have a sweet face, and a lovely smile. Yet, all those were shadowed by a mask that make me feel invisible from the men I'd like to attract.Through this program, Shahrzad helped me to notice the existence of the mask, how my past experience and my nasty voices lead to its formation, what I would do to unmask myself -- I could not be more grateful for my lovely coach and this program, as now I know what direction I need to work towards. Getting to know what the problems are and what lead to the problem are always always the prerequisites for a proper solution.



What if you allowed yourself to take this first step, and just decided to say YES?  

What if the only thing stopping you from creating the love life that you desire is your own permission and commitment?  

What if instead of feeling trapped, unseen, and frustrated - watching everyone else having their men who love and cherish them - you could too have the relationship of your dreams? 

Say YES to creating your own blissful destiny and know in your heart, once you start this journey of self-discovery, heal your emotional pains, you will attract the most amazing relationship or heal your current relationship with your man to unimaginable levels. 


From Shahrzad: I know so well what it feels like to be invisible - unloved - unheard for YEARS, and I also know how libearating it is to finally break free of the prison that is made out of our old stories, limiting beliefs, and the nasty narrative our minds. It's the most wonderful feeling to connect with your feminine power and become the center of YOUR life and effortlessly become center of his too in the process.

Go ahead - if you're ready to be amazed by your own power click below and give yourself this special holiday gift - the gift of being unapologetically YOU and feeling adored for it!